About Exsistentials

Boost Employee Retention, Build Engaged, high-performing teams!

Exsistentials helps you and your managers understand the pulse of your team and design, develop and implement strategies to improve retention, engagement and performance.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate HR professionals with the relevant experience and expertise to deliver measurable results in employee retention, engagement and productivity.

Why choose us

Measurable ROI

We start with a Assessment using a time-tested research validated tool that measures employee satisfaction on over 20 different parameters.

We work to improve Employee Retention and Engagement, and at the end of the assignment, conduct a Post-Assessment on Employee Satisfaction. 

The difference in employee satisfaction scores is the value that we have added to your organization.

International Team

Our team of HR Consultants are carefully chosen from across the globe so that your organization benefits from the international experience - helping you incorporate international best practices in your work place, even before your competitors hear about these practices.

With the best international HR practices being implemented in your organization, you benefit from higher productivity and a happier team as well.

Experienced and Certified HR Professionals

All our HR consultants are carefully chosen balancing between their experience and certification like CIPD, SHRM, HCI, etc.

All our HR Consultants come with a minimum of 8 years of core-HR experience in different industry verticals.

You can be rest assured that you are working with some of the best professionals in the field. 

No Downtime

Each client is assigned one HR Consultant with whom you can liaise. 

Should the assigned HR Consultant become unavailable due to any unforeseen circumstances, we have other consultants who immediately take over the consulting assignment till such time the originally assigned HR Consultant is available again.

There is no down time for you; and your business can continue uninterrupted.

Our mission

Our mission is to boost employee retention, build engaged and high performing teams.


Our team

Our team of professionals include experienced and certified HR consultants across India, US, UK and UAE.