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We help you and your managers understand the pulse of your team and design, develop and implement strategies to improve retention, engagement and performance.


We begin with administering a research validated assessment to be filled in by every employee.

The questionnaire assesses the reasons for low retention, engagement and performance on a comprehensive set of 20 different parameters like Work Environment, Compensation and Benefits, Growth Prospects, Support from Leaders, Policies, etc.

This process of Assessment takes about 3 weeks - 1 week to set up the Assessment and 2 Weeks to administer.


We analyse collected data at the Macro and Micro levels to understand macro-issues and micro-issues.  At the micro level, we analyse the data Team, Grade and Age and Gender wise to get a clearer understanding of the issues both at the Macro and micro levels.

Apart from the Macro level reports, infographics and other information reports to be shared with the managers also will be prepared.

This process of report preparation and buy-in from the senior leadership team takes about 5 weeks. 


We work out the broad strategy and the detailed implementation plan to address the issues agreed upon with the Senior Leadership Team.

Special care will be taken to ensure that the strategy and implementation plan are viable not only financially but culturally as well.

This process of Strategizing and Planning is expected to take between 2 to 4 weeks and this time period includes buy-in from stake holders.


We work with your team and stake holders to hand-hold and support the implementation of agreed plan.

Our consultants will liaise with your team and Senior Leadership to ensure that any questions and concerns are addressed immediately.

Periodic Pulse Surveys will be conducted every month to evaluate the impact of the strategies implemented.

This process of implementing the plan usually takes between 42 and 44 weeks.

Sridhar Ramalingam – a truly remarkable H R Professional! In resolving an HR crisis, Sridhar walked in, took charge of the keyboard, all resources and successfully resolved the problem. An astute strategic thinker, a flexible designer and a wise change master who placed processes into a system in record time.

A fine HR professional, with exceptional acumen. Understands the art of effective feedback. Very friendly, soft spoken, super polite always, a People’s Manager.

Strongly recommended. An asset to any organisation!

Sangita Chima
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